Debutante Events

           Calendar for the 2019 Debutantes



February 8

Nomination deadline

March 2

2nd Info Brunch at City of Hope Community Building


March 16

Debs Applications due

March 30

Breakfast for new Debs

April 6


April 17

First Etiquette Lesson- Debs and Moms

April 27

Poppy festival- Debutante community service

May 1

Second Etiquette Lesson

May 12

MOAH Mother’s Day Tea- Debutantes community service

May 19

Presentation tea


June 2

First Waltz Lesson at Cedars Center

June 30

Fashion Show at MOAH


July 13

Possible Hospital Tour

July 14

Waltz Lesson

August 11

Waltz Lesson

September 8

Waltz Lesson

October 13 

Waltz Lesson

November 24

Waltz Lesson

November 27-30

Ball Week Activities

November 30

Hourglass Ball