Debutante Application Process


To be eligible for the Debutante program, a young lady must have been recommended by an Alpha Charter Guild member, or have served as a Junior Volunteer at Antelope Valley Hospital and been recommended by the Director of Volunteers.

All recommended young women must meet the following basic requirements:

  1. Be a graduating high school senior or first year college student not over the age of 21 (exceptions may occur as the result of special circumstances)
  2. Have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher
  3. Maintain a satisfactory record of conduct/ citizenship
  4. Not be married, engaged to be married, divorced, pregnant, or the mother of a child

Once a young lady has been recommended, she must fully complete an application packet. Final selection is determined on a point basis, with points based on the young woman’s academic standing, school and community activities, a record of outstanding personal conduct, Alpha Charter Guild affiliation, and a prior sibling’s participation in the Alpha Charter Guild Debutante Program.

The Alpha Charter Guild does not discriminate in its Debutante selection process based on race, religion, creed or nationality.

If you are selected to be an Alpha Charter Guild Debutante, a contribution of $2,000 will be required. This is a charitable donation and a portion of this contribution is tax deductible. Please check with your tax advisor for more information.

From this sum, each Debutante will receive:

  1. ACG Debutante crest pendant and chain
  2. Vase presented at the Presentation Tea
  3. Flowers for Presentation Tea and the Hourglass Ball (including father’s boutonniere)
  4. All parties during Ball Week
  5. Two Hourglass Ball program books
  6. Ball tickets for parents (2), Debutante and escort
  7. Hourglass Ball video
  8. Personal, 1/3 page parent’s dedication message in the Hourglass Ball program book
  9. All waltz, etiquette, modeling and self-defense lessons
  10. Etiquette book and materials
  11. One “Reverse Opportunity Drawing” ticket

Should you choose at any time not to continue with the program, no portion of your contribution will be refunded. Your contribution will be considered a donation to the major projects of the Alpha Charter Guild to the Antelope Valley Hospital.

The deadline for applictions in February 8, 2019.

Please contact Katrina Stello for more information.